OTN – Lesson 7 – Converting OTL4.4 Back into an OTU4 Signal

This post presents both information and video training on how we take an OTL4.4 signal and recombine it back into a composite OTU4 signal. This post serves as the first of 3 videos for the OTL4.4 Sink Terminal.

This video introduces the OTL4.4 Sink Terminal (and the OTSiG/OTUk_A_Sk Atomic Function) and focuses on the Lane Frame Alignment Block and the dLOFLANE/In-Frame State Machine Diagram.

OTN – Lesson 7 – Converting OTL4.4 Signals back into a Composite OTU4 Signal – Video 1 of 3

This blog post contains the first (of 3) videos that describes how we take an OTL4.4 Interface (or set of signals) and converts these signals back into a single (composite) OTU4 signal.  

This video introduces the OTSiG/OTUk_A_Sk Atomic Function (a fancy word for OTL4.4 Sink Terminal).  

This video discusses how the OTSiG/OTUk_A_Sk Function accepts electrical lane signals from an Optical Module (in the OTL4.4 format) and processes these signals by:

  • Checking to see if we should declare/clear the dLOS-P (Loss of Signal – Path) Defect condition with these Electrical Lane signals, and
  • De-Multiplexing these signals into the 20 Logical Lane signal.  

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