OTN – Lesson 10 – Handling Defects at the ODU-Layer – Defect Scenario Video

In this video, we presume that some ODUk- (or OTUk-) Layer circuitry is declaring a certain defect condition. We then determine how ODU-layer circuitry is expected to respond.

OTN – Lesson 10 – Handling Defects at the ODU-Layer – Defect Scenario for Multiplexed and Non-Multiplexed Applications

This video summarizes the various defects that OTN circuitry can declare/clear at the ODU-Layer.  

This video also describes how ODU-Layer circuitry is expected to respond to each ODU-Layer (or upstream OTU-Layer) defect.  

  • Should it transmit PM-BDI (Path Monitoring – Backward Defect Indicator) upstream?
  • Should it replace the under-lying 100oBASE-X or 100GBASE-R client signal with the Link or Local Fault Indicator?  

This video answers these questions and more.  

NOTE:  This video covers both Non-Multiplexed and Multiplexed Applications.

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OTN – Lesson 9 – Video 10 – OTUk/ODUk_A_Sk Function

This post presents the 10th of the 11 Videos that covers training on Performance Monitoring at the OTUk Layer. This post focuses on the Sink Direction OTU-Layer Atomic Functions.

OTN – Lesson 9 – Video 10 – OTU Layer Sink Direction Circuitry/Functionality – Part 8

This blog post contains a video that completes much of the Sink (or Receive) Direction Atomic Function circuitry at the OTU Layer.  

In particular, this function will discuss the role/functionality of the OTUk/ODUk_A_Sk Atomic Function.  

As we discuss this Atomic Function, we will focus on the following items.

  • APS (Automatic Protection Switching) features/hooks within the OTUk/ODUk_A_Sk function.
  • Steps to Forcing the OTUk/ODUk_A_Sk function to transmit the ODUk-LCK Maintenance Signal downstream.
  • How the OTUk/ODUk_A_Sk function responds to the upstream OTUk_TT_Sk function asserting the AI_TSF and AI_TSD output signals.
  • Consequent Equation Analysis
  • The ODUk-AIS Maintenance Signal
  • Summary of the OTUk/ODUk_A_Sk Function

And finally, a review of the ODUk-OCI Maintenance Signal.

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