OTN – Lesson 12 – APS Features within Atomic Functions – Part 2

This blog post presents a video that discusses the APS features within some fo the Atomic Functions that we discussed in Lesson 11.

Lesson 12 – Video 13 – Detailed Implementation of APS within the Atomic Functions – Video 2

This blog post continues our discussion of the APS features within various Atomic Functions. In this case, we will present how to implement Automatic Protection Switching in great detail. In particular, we will describe the following:

  • APS Features within the ODUT/ODU_A_So and ODUT/ODU_A_Sk functions (ODUT/TCM Layer – SNC/S Monitoring)
    • How do we implement the APS features within these Atomic Functions to support TCM Layer i SNC/S Monitoring and Protection-Switching?
    • How do we implement a complete System-Level design (using these atomic functions along with the ODUT_TT_So and ODUT_TT_Sk Atomic Functions)?
      • NOTE: We discussed these atomic functions in Lesson 11. However, we did not discuss the APS features (within those functions) then.

More specifically, we discuss how our system should implement APS and the APS Communication Protocol whenever the upstream ODUT_TT_Sk Atomic Function declares either a Service-Affecting or the TCMi-dDEG defect.

Check Out the Video Below

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