OTN – Lesson 12 – Detailed Discussion of SNC/N Monitoring (Protection Switching)

This blog post presents a video that describes (in detail) SNC/N (Subnetwork Protection – Non-Intrusive) Monitoring for Protection Switching.

Lesson 12 – Video 6 – Detailed Discussion of SNC/N (Subnetwork Circuit – Non-Intrusive) Monitoring for Protection Switching

This blog post contains a video that presents a detailed discussion of SNC/N (Subnetwork Circuit – Non-Intrusive Monitoring, for Protection-Switching purposes, at the ODU Layer.

In particular, this video will discuss the following topics:

  • A Detailed Review of SNC/Ne (Subnetwork Circuit Protection/Non-Intrusive End-to-End) Monitoring, and
  • A Detailed Review of SNC/Ns (Subnetwork Circuit Protection/Non-Intrusive Sublayer) Monitoring.
  • This video shows example locations/conditions of where we would use SNC/Ne or SNC/Ns Monitoring and why we would use this form of monitoring.
  • This video also highlights the similarities and differences between SNC/Ne and SNC/Ns Monitoring.

Check Out the Video Below

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