What is Simplex Communication?

This post briefly defines the term: Simplex Communication.

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What is Simplex Communication?

We define simplex communication as communication that only operates in one direction.

Simplex is One Way or One Direction Communication

A couple of obvious examples of Simplex Communication would be Radio or Television Broadcasting.

Satellite Dish receives One-Way Communication (or Broadcasts) from Radio/TV Stations
Satellite dish on the modern building roof corner with blue sky in the background.

Unless you count being able to place a phone call to your Radio or TV Station, you can’t usually send traffic back to the Radio or TV Station transmitter.

ITU (International Telecommunication Union) defines Simplex Communication as a communication channel that operates in one direction at a time but maybe reversible (communication can occur in the opposite direction).

I would argue that ITU’s definition is that for Half-Duplex Communication.

Other basic terms for communications include:

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